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10 Mar 13

Users Guide...

Beacon Mode:

When switched off, the repeater will go to transmit every 10 minutes for 30 seconds with its video caption and audio call-sign in morse code. The repeater is normally on.

In use:

When in use the repeater will give its call-sign, in Morse only every 10 minutes added to the users audio. The GB3BH ID, top right, will indicate in vision that the signal is coming from GB3BH. 

The repeater will automatically come on if it receives a valid signal on its analogue input on 2340 MHz or its digital input on 437.0 MHz. 2340 MHz has priority over 437.0 MHz. This will override any other inputs that may have been selected.

You can control the repeater by sending DTMF tones on 432.725 MHz. You will need a DTMF controller that has numbers and letters e.g. 0123456789ABCD. First check that the repeater is hearing your 70cm signal.

Checking the DTMF receiver/controller:

With the repeater transmitting, send code AAB4, the repeater will reply by sending it’s call sign in Morse added to the audio to confirm that it’s hearing you. 
If the repeater can hear your signal but cannot decode the DTMF (i.e. incorrect DTMF level, distortion or your transmitter is off frequency) then the repeater will reply in Morse with T (-).

The input priorities are:

1st priority, 13cm Rx
2nd priority 70cm digital Rx.
3rd priority as selected below:


Description (inputs)  

On Off
Relay GB3HV BB1   
Relay GB3TZ BB2   
Play video show BB3   
Play slide show BB4   
North Tower Cam (toward Watford) BB5   
South Tower Cam (toward London) BB6   
S meter display  for 13cm BB7  BB4
GB3BH on screen ident BB4  BB8

Example, if GB3HV is being relayed, pressing BB4 will turn off GB3HV and turn on the slide show. If there is no signal on the input that you have selected, the repeater sends its call sign and shuts down. To bring it on again select a different input.

If the repeater fails or suffers problems while you are operating through it please call for a committee member on 144.750 MHz if you get no reply please send an email to the committee members by clicking here and filling in details about the fault.  EMERGENCY