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1 Mar 13


The links page contains links to commercial suppliers of ATV equipment and links to personal pages. The list is not an endorsement of the manufacturers shown, but is of known equipment suppliers at the time the list was researched.

If you think a link should be featured here then please contact me and I will add your link

note - We welcome the opportunity to give publicity to sites and pages listed below, but we can not accept responsibility for the content of the following links.

- repeater sites -

  • GB3HV - Home Counties 23cm ATV site 
  • GB3IV - New Isle of Wight 23cm ATV site
  • GB3EN - North London (Enfield) 23cm ATV site
  • GB3TV - Dunstable Downs 23cm ATV site (not updated)
  • GB3SQ - Proposed Poole & Bournemouth 23cm ATV site
  • GB3KM - Kirk Merrington 13cm, 3cm ATV site
  • GB3RX - Coventry 13cm ATV repeater (live feed)
  • GB3GG - Grimsby 13cm ATV repeater
  • GB3CZ - Clacton 13cm ATV repeater


- commercial suppliers -