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26 Apr 09


In this section we hope to answer all you questions. About the group, the repeater, in-depth technical questions will be answered in the technical info page, but all others will be answered here.

  • I am thinking about joining the club, what do I get for my 15?
    Apart from good company at out monthly meetings at the Three Crowns pub (see club info page) we have a wealth of professional and amateur television experience that you can "tap into" just by talking to other members. As a paid up member you are also entitled to a free site survey to find out whether you will be able to receive GB3BH. 

  • What does a site survey consist of?
      A group of members will visit your house with all the gear required to receive the repeater and set up a temporary receive system. If this is OK you can go ahead and start buying all the kit you need safe in the knowledge that you will see something for your hard earned cash. If you can't see the repeater you will have only spent 15 and are still welcome to all our meetings. You could always consider operating a portable station.

  • I belong to a local radio club, would you come and talk about GB3BH?
    Of course we'd be delighted to help spread the word about our repeater. Please contact any of the committee members (see club info page) via email or call on 144.750

  • How can I receive GB3BH?
    Coming soon... we will add a section on recommended kit and show how easily and cheaply you can be receiving Fast Scan Television pictures from GB3BH.

  • How can I transmit pictures & sound to GB3BH?
    Coming soon... we will add a section on recommended kit and show how easily and cheaply you can be sending Fast Scan Television pictures to GB3BH.

  • Why did you decide to put a 13cm ATV repeater on air?
    Watford and surrounding areas has never been served very well from the 3 repeaters that border it. GB3EN in Enfield is beaming North to South to avoid Heathrow radar interference. GB3TV in Dunstable is purposely located to the Northern side of an earth mound and beams toward the North for the same reason as GB3EN. GB3HV can be received in Watford and the surrounding areas but usually only on the highest ground.

  • When do you hope ATV transmissions to start?
    The repeater is now in full repeater mode. It is also able to relay GB3TV and has 2 "tower cams". It also has the ability to be expanded with further inputs. Initially the repeater will be analogue only and later have digital capabilities.

  • What else can I expect to see?
    To begin with apart from repeating users 13cm transmissions, users will be able to select other repeaters to view. Currently this is only GB3TZ (Luton), but we hope to be able to add GB3EN (Enfield) and possibly GB3KT (Isle of Sheppey). This is all subject to approval of the other groups and subject to being able to receive them. BH will also have 'shack and mast cam' capabilities. An on-screen signal meter will also be selectable so you can "peak" your antenna for 'BH to 'see you best'. These facilities will be "rolled out" over time.