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1 Oct 13


The map to the right is the best  representation of the final 13cm coverage area to date. To view the map in close up click on the map shown. However the map prediction does not show all the "RF problems" caused by many Wireless Area Networks (WANs), microwave ovens and other forms of interference that cannot be accounted for by the prediction software. 3cm coverage should be fairly similar. We will post a more accurate map as more testing is carried out and more reports are received.

GB3BH 13cm, 3cm (10GHz), 70cm (437MHz) coverage
Please send reception reports to the group by clicking here We would be grateful if you would include a brief report of your station, antenna type, gain and height. If you could also provide your postcode we can provide you with a path plot diagram and path details to you location by return. 

Stations seen through BH direct so far via 13cm input:

Callsign Location Report Interference/Comments
G7LRQ Watford P5 30 watts
G6GHP Margate, Kent P5 Under lift conditions
G6OUA Luton P5 60 watts
G8GKQ Bushey P5 50mW
G8LES Alton, Hampshire P3-5 Varying with conditions
G8VMP St. Albans P5 25 watts
G6MNJ Pimilico P5 60 watts?
M0SAT Watford P5 30 watts
G8ADM/P Hoggs Back P5 60 watts

9 reports

View some of the stations seen through BH by clicking here

13cm Receive reports received so far:

Callsign Name Location Report Interference/Comments
CLUB HV club Binfield P5 24 ele, no pre-amp into G1MFG receiver
G0GGL Dave Stokenchurch P2 upstairs bedroom open window!!
G0SZG Joe Nuneaton, Warks P5 during lift conditions - "lovely colour picture"
G1BSZ Ralph Pimlico P5? No comments received
G3PSW Paul Lower Sunbury P5 24 ele @ 60ft, pre-amp & MFG receiver
G3VZV Graham Potsgrove P3 GB3TZ overlap
G3WFM John Potters Bar P4 Helix antenna and no pre amp
G4GHD Gary Canvey Island P2 Microwave Ovens (67km distance!)
G4IMO Nick Wisbech, Cambs P3-4 JO02BP - Big lift conditions (21/02/2008)
G4SWY Derek Bushey P5 Unintentional receive via video sender
G4WYO Ken Kensworth P4.5 Some WAN
G6JFN Peter Mentmore P1-2 Sometimes in colour, wants more sound level
G6MNJ Paul Pimlico P5 None reported
G6OUA Bob Luton Airport P5 None reported
G6PSI Lance Mill Hill P5 None reported
G7LRQ Anthony Watford P5 M/W ovens & some WAN
G7PNE Duncan Stevenage P5 None reported
G8ACT George Stansted P2-5 Should improve to P4-5 by moving preamp
G8ADM Dave Nth Harrow P1 Lots - more work to be done here!
G8ASI Mike Hemel Hempstead P5 With mast down! Some Wan & m/wave
G8ASP Ian Harpenden P4 Subject to heavy WLAN & occ. microwave
G8CKN/P Roy Farleigh Wallop P4 GB3FT co-channel overlap
G8CKN/P Roy Farleigh Hill P4/5 Best received with 45 offset from Horizontal
G8CKN/P Roy Golden Pot Masts   P5++ SU726443 - Predominately H polarised. 
G8CKN/P Roy Alton Abbey P3/4 SU673376 - AE 2 Mtrs, just over hedgerows
G8DGR Rod Brimpton, Newbury P2/3 None reported. P5 with lift.
G8KLC Philip Flamstead P3 With a 23cm "bow tie" ant. and video sender!
G8LES Mike Alton, Hampshire P1-5 Depends on conditions
G8VMP Keith St Albans P5 WAN
G8XTW Phil Leighton Buzzard P2 WAN
GB3HV Repeater High Wycombe P5 Some local LAN intereference
RALLY  ***** Kempton Park P3-5 Antenna located in wrong roof location
RSGB HQ Potters Bar P5 Some M/wave & weird LAN occasionally
M0DNY/ G8GKQ Philip/ Dave Bushey P5 None reported
M0SAT Dave Watford P5 None reported
ML&S Shop Chertsey P5 Permanent install here soon.
SWL Kevin U Hillingdon P3 None reported
VERULAM Club St. Albans P4.5 None reported

38 reports

3cm (10GHz) Receive reports received so far:

Callsign Name Location Report Interference/Comments
2E0GMD Mick Watford P5 Noe reported
G1AUQ Richard Stow NW Lincoln P5 IO93QH - Big lift conditions (12/02/2008)
G3PYB/P Peter Hoggs Back P5 Only using LNB!!
G4WYO Ken Kensworth P1-5 Signal flutter and fade
G6IGA/P Tom Heathrow Airport P5 None reported
G6MNJ Paul Pimlico P5 Needs to install permanent receive
G6OUA Bob Luton Airport P5 None reported
G8ADM/P Dave Various portable P5 Testing transmitter performance
G8ASI Mike Hemel Hempstead P5 None reported - slight chroma issues
G8ASP Ian Harpenden P5 Some sparklies due to trees. Horn antenna
G8VMP Keith St Albans P5 None reported - inverted video to sort
G8GKQ Dave Bushey P5 None reported
M0SAT Dave Watford P5 None reported
M0YZA Chris Sheffield P5 IO93HH - Big lift conditions (18/02/2008)
M1PRO Jason Southall P5 Dish mounted @ roof height
ML&S Shop Chertsey P1-2 Temporary test receive, should be P5
PA3DEE   Groningen QSB B2 468km - Record distance to date (JO33BC)

17 reports

70cm (437Mhz) access reports received so far:

Callsign Name Location Comments
G4BID Bill Yateley TBC
G4CPE Arthur Sundon, Luton 3 watts
G6MNJ Paul Pimlico 5 watts into G8ADM modified Tonna
G7LRQ Anthony Watford 25 watts into 21 ele yagi
G8ASI Mike Hemel Hempstead 5 watts
G8ADM Dave Nth Harrow 0.5 w with 21 ele antenna inside loft
G8LES Mike Alton, Hampshire 60 - 100 watts & loop yagi antenna
G8GTZ/A Noel Basingstoke 25w to modified 21 ele tonna
M0SAT Dave Watford 500mw from transverter 9 ele tonna

9 reports