The controller was purchased from the U.S. 
The photo shows the 'basic' board. Other "daughter" boards can be added to give increased flexibility and enhance the operational capabilities of the repeater. The testcard generator is on the right hand side of the controller cabinet. Please click on the test card generator to see more details about it.



Five video input sources:

  • Four of the five video inputs have individual sync detection circuitry allowing for true priority based ATV receiver switching

  • The fifth video input accepts video from any video id generator like the OSD-ID (PC)

  • All five sources can be switched remotely via DTMF command

Four audio input sources:

  • All four sources can be mixed

  • All four sources can be switched on and off remotely via DTMF command

  • Line level and speaker level inputs are supported

  • A jumper configuration allows for control radio monitoring over the ATV audio output


Further information about the controller and other boards can be found on Intuitive Circuit's web site please click here to visit it.