Astrotel S Band Gold Label LNB

Input Frequency 2.30 to 2.80 GHz

Output Frequency 800 to 1,350 MHz
Local Oscillator 3.65 GHz +/- 500 kHz (2440 MHz Rx gives an output IF of 1210 MHz)
Noise Factor 0.7 dB
Gain 50 dB

These 13cm down converters are high gain intended for use with satellite receivers. It is best to mount them at the top of the mast, connectors pointing down to avoid water ingress, and use a 75 ohm satellite type cable down to the receiver (RG59). Ensure that this cable and the antenna are connected before applying power to the receiver.

The local oscillator is a DRO (dielectric resonating oscillator) selected for low phase noise. They are suitable for Analogue and Digital reception down to a symbol rate of 2 MS/s 


Input connector 'N' female
Output connector 'F' female
Power supply 13 to 20 V at 120mA fed via the output coax.
Price 60 (new)

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